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Your Yoga – Sun Salutation

Sunshine lifts our spirits and gives us energy, encouraging us to open the world around us, see things a little more clearly, and notice new possibilities. When we move through a sun salutation, we are recognizing and showing gratitude for the energy of the sun that supports both life and wellbeing. Sun salutations offer us a way to connect with the abundance of the natural world.

When we think in terms of abundance rather than scarcity, there is a physiological shift that takes place in our bodies, relieving stress. Cultivating gratitude has proven benefits for our mental and physical health, providing us with a more positive lens through which to view our life. If we bring this awareness to our yoga practice, we can make a difference in the world, and in our experience of it. Our work on the mat will be the difference we see in our daily lives off the mat.

Enjoy this beautiful May sunshine.

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