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Your Yoga – Season of Harvest

A few weeks ago we moved through the autumnal equinox, when day and night are of equal length. The equinox acts as a point of balance between the two solstices – summer and winter – and provides a moment to reflect as we find ourselves at a point of balance between day and night, light and dark, outward-moving and inward-moving energy.

As we move into fall, it can be helpful to pause and reflect on the busyness and outward movement of the summer and prepare to turn inwards to prepare for the winter. It is also a season of harvest, so as we pause we might consider what we have harvested from our endeavors of the past few months. I have recommitted to lengthening my meditation practice and am seeing the difference in my experience when I meet that commitment. There might be a project or some commitment you have made that is coming to fruition.

Pausing to notice how you feel can give you an opportunity to make small changes or adjustments. Maybe something hasn’t been working; we can take note and think about how we might show up differently. And this is also true for our yoga practice: if we pause and notice how we feel in the transition between the poses, we can cultivate more mental and physical awareness… and adjust. Maybe you pull back if you are forcing your body, or you challenge yourself if you are holding back. What feels right is different for everyone and that is the challenge of yoga.

Namaste, Temple

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