Our Yoga Practice

Come join our community at The Yoga Garden, a hidden gem in the heart of Marin County. We invite you to share our peaceful studio, take refuge from the demands of daily life, and focus on what has true and lasting value: health and inner peace. Each class is an opportunity to gather your energy and nourish your body, mind, and heart.

Our goal is to offer a sanctuary to renew the mind, body, and soul. 

Trinity Sipilia - Yoga Teacher at the Yoga Garden Studio in San Anselmo, California
Trinity Sipilia

Trinity was introduced to yogic breath and asana at the age of 12 and it has continued to be a central part of her life for the last 25 years. Her teaching is deeply influence by her study of Qi Gung, Feldenkrias, Ayurveda and 19 years of being a professional massage therapist. The foundation of her classes is built on the profound principles of synchronizing the breath, body and mind and learning to move with the natural intelligence inherent in our form.  Her classes are an exploration of our own unique embodied life, where we connect deeply with ourselves, and this can be truly joyful.

Patricia Craves

RYT 500, has spent most of her life as a dancer. She began studying Yoga in 1979. She graduated from the teacher-training program at the Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco and has a BFA and MA in dance. Patricia is gifted at working with a wide range of students, making the practice accessible to all. Her teaching reflects years of personal practice, a depth of knowledge of the philosophy of yoga and her interest in Ayurveda.

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Temple Schauble OPT square
Temple Schauble

Temple began her yoga practice while living in London in 1999. After moving to New York with her husband and exploring yoga at a deeper level, she became involved with the Institute for Extraordinary Living at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, from where she received her 200-hour certification in 2012. Also a Board member, she supports the mission of empowering both individuals and communities to realize their potentials through transformative wisdom and yoga practices.

In the past, Temple has taught a weekly yoga class through Ross Recreation, and she currently teaches the Tuesday and Thursday morning classes at The Yoga Garden. They focus on finding the alignment of mind, body, and breath, acting as a gentle way to start the day. Beginning with stretching and opening, the classes build to standing poses and a vinyasa experience, moving slowly and mindfully with the breath, and finishing   with calming, inward-looking poses and restful relaxation.

Linda Prosché, EYT500

“Yoga is the breath and life that keeps us balanced as we flow through
the many transitions of our journey.”

Aren’t we all in transition? Linda has a deep understanding through her own journey and has been inspiring and teaching students to breathe into the present wonder of each moment for over 25 years. Her classes flow with fresh creativity, depth and intimate adaptation for all levels of ability.

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Kriya Yoga started her on the path of teaching Action with Awareness and after moving to the Bay area she continued her certification in Baptiste Power Yoga. Viniyoga captured her love of detail and intelligent sequencing and she works with Gary Kraftsow and the American Viniyoga Institute as a Yoga Therapist to help clients find a more balanced lifestyle of health, wellness and contribution to the world through specialized Personal Practices and Source Coaching. She is committed to paying attention, trusting life and flowing into action with authenticity. Contact her throughyogacancure.com and connect through her writings on, ”loving the loss in transition”.

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Catherine Henry

Catherine came to Yoga after a lifetime as a dancer and professional gymnast. Coming from the physical she has moved towards the yogic balance of the breath, body and mind. Her classes are a combination of breath, flow and alignment converging with the management and direction of energy. A great patron of music, she incorporates music that breathes with us, to invigorate, soothe or stimulate self-reflection. Catherine has had the opportunity to study with many great teachers, and special training in Yoga for back care (the protocol used for an NIH study), which she brings to her healthy backs class and private sessions. Catherine is a full-time certified Yoga teacher and Yoga therapist, with a heart of devotion for the ancient and sacred art of Yoga.

Wendy Heneghan

Wendy is a graduate of The Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco’s 500-hour Advanced Studies Teacher Training Program and has been teaching yoga since 2006.  Wendy made a lifelong commitment to yoga when she began to feel the many benefits of the practice herself; improved stability, strength, flexibility, stamina and vitality in both mind and body.  In her classes, Wendy strives to provide clear and precise instruction, attention to each individual student’s needs and a friendly environment.

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Olga, Certified Yoga Garden Teacher
Olga Rose Sohmer
500h-RYT, MA East-West Psychology

Olga is a certified yoga educator and life coach passionate about exploring the contours of the human mind, body, heart, soul, and spirit.  A dedicated student of yoga since adolescence, Olga has trained in Classical Raja Yoga at the University of Hyderabad, India, Hatha Yoga at Yandara Institute, and completed 500-hour teacher training at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health.  She also holds a Masters in East-West Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies where she is working on her Ph.D. focusing on Depth Psychology, Whole-person Education, Participatory Research, and Embodied Spiritual Inquiry.  Olga continues to deepen her appreciation of yoga as a healing modality, a path of self-discovery, and an exploration of what it means to be alive.

In her classes, Olga weaves modern science with spiritual insight grounded in the yoga tradition.  She facilitates a nurturing and playful practice that encourages compassionate self-inquiry.

Janice Gates, E-RYT 500

Janice discovered the power of meditation and was introduced to the practice of hatha yoga while living in Asia in 1988 and has been integrating the two ever since. For the past twenty-four years, Janice has continued to explore both soma and psyche and how the body and mind reflect and affect each other. While Janice’s studies span the traditional streams of the hatha yoga tradition (Iyengar, Ashtanga Viniyoga), over the years her teaching has evolved away from formulaic approaches to one that honors the intuitive wisdom of the body, integrating her studies in Buddhist meditation and Somatic Psychology.

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Currently, Janice teaches retreats in California and Mexico, offers mentoring to yoga teachers and leads Somatic Yoga Therapy Trainings. She teaches at the Yoga Garden and Spirit Rock Meditation center where she is on the faculty of the Mindfulness Training for Yoga Teachers. Janice has served as President of the International Assoc. of Yoga Therapists, is author of Yogini, the Power of Women in Yoga, and has published widely in yoga magazines. Her classes are an invitation to move slowly and mindfully, challenge your edges and dive a little deeper into this experience of embodiment. For more about Janice, her retreats, events and writings, go to janicegates.com

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Lori TompkinsOPT square
Lori Tompkins

Lori has taught various styles of hatha yoga (Vinyasa/Flow, Gentle, Bikram). Her teaching focus is on helping students get grounded in their practice and in their bodies via breath work and reminding students to adjust their poses to suit them at any given moment so that their practice can be sustainable and perhaps even blissful.

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In her mid 20’s Lori found great resonance with the Integral and Supramental Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and began practicing hatha yoga in 1996. She has been a certified yoga instructor since 1999, has taught over 2000 hatha yoga classes and has spent over a year in India deepening her knowledge of yoga. From 2006-2013 Lori was incapacitated with Lyme Disease. Yoga helped her fully rehabilitate from her illness and she loves to help empower students as they take on their own health challenges. For more information on Lori, go to www.360lotus.com.

Tinelle Critchfield

TiNille’s journey with yoga began in 1999 while attending Massage Therapy School in Utah. It was there that she was introduced to the concept of yoga as a lifestyle.  Practicing massage for the last 15 years has taught her valuable lessons about the body, its capabilities and limitations.  After years of helping others through massage, yoga therapy seemed like a natural next step in her life. 

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In 2006, she sought out a yoga teacher training and obtained her RYT 200 hour teacher certification in Hatha Yoga.

Teaching the connections of breath, mind and body have been a true transformation for TiNille.  Her “busy bee” personality has found yoga to be a centering, and grounding experience, helping her to be a kinder, more patient mother to her 3 children.  Her favorite saying around the house is, “Be here now.” She hopes they are listening!

Her classes are nourishing, with a focus on challenging the body and mind to stay centered on positivity and gratitude.  Join her on Monday nights at 7:30pm. 

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Chris Strempek

Chris Strempek has been a high school and elementary teacher for 30 years in the Bay Area and abroad, and has had a yoga practice for the last 20 years. Originally trained in the Iyengar system, he was introduced to Kaiut Yoga at workshops in Hotchkiss, Colorado and continues his training and certification in the Kaiut method at workshops in the U.S. and during visits to Brazil. He is pleased to have an opportunity to bring the Kaiut method to the Bay Area.

Awards & Recognition

Spectrum Award: The Best Yoga Studio in California

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