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A sanctuary to nourish body, mind, heart, and soul.

Celebrating 20 years at The Yoga Garden! Thank you all!

The Yoga Garden is a yoga studio located in San Anselmo, California. We invite you to share our peaceful studio, take refuge from the demands of daily life, and focus on what has true and lasting value: health and inner peace. Each class is an opportunity to gather your energy and nourish your body, mind, and heart.

Upcoming Classes

yin yoga class at the yogar garden in san anselmo

Yin Yoga

Rachael Breeze
Wednesday’s  at 6pm – 7:20pm 
Yin Yoga offers long-held passive postures and a quiet space to explore sensation and relax the mind. Through stillness, deep stretching, restorative poses and yoga nidra, students will build more flexibility, patience, and intimacy with the self, thereby offering the best of Yoga & Meditation combined.

yin yoga teacher at the Yoga Garden in San Anselmo california

Align and Flow

Veronica Geretz
Wednesdays at 9:30 – 10:345 am
In this class, Veronica will begin with gentle sequences to connect your breath with your movement while warming up your muscles and joints.  After offering alignment instruction to keep your body safe within the poses, she will then weave you through a calm-paced, breath-based vinyasa flow that is strength building and nourishing. Pranayama, or breath exercises, will be threaded in to every class.  And she always leaves ample time for the most valuable pose of all, savasana (Corpse Pose).

a restorative yoga class taught at the Yoga Garden Studio in San Anselmo, California

Restorative Yoga

Megan Black 
Thursday’s  at 6pm – 7:15pm 
Slow down and nourish yourself. This class emphasizes breath flow, inner awareness and deep relaxation, cultivating body-mind-spirit integration in a safe and nurturing way.

Qi Qong Class with Taja Bell at the Yoga Garden, a San Anselmo Yoga Studio

Qi Qong

Teja Bell
Monday’s at 6pm

Strengthen and stabilize your meditation practice for genuine insight, clarity and enhanced well-being. Instruction and practice of Qigong, integrating meditation practice and Taoist Yoga practices.

Wake up yoga class at the Yoga Garden studio in Marin County California

Wake Up Yoga

Nina Holle
Friday’s  at 7am – 8am 
WAKE UP to a joyful morning of dynamic asana, thoughtful alignment and skillful adaptation for the needs of your body. Three times a week, you will transform your practice through the lightness of breath and the depth of awareness. Linda gently guides you to awaken your life force and begin the day with brightness and clarity. Open to all levels.

Kaiut Yoga class with Chris Strempek at the Yoga Garden, a San Anselmo Yoga Studio.

Kaiut Yoga

Chris Strempek 
Tuesday’s 4:30 – 5:30pm
Kaiut utilizes traditional yoga poses in a complex series of prolonged sequences that appeal to yoga practitioners at every level, from beginner to advanced.

Yoga Wellness

The Yoga Garden is a boutique studio that specializes in yoga wellness for every day health and happiness. We offer small classes, therapeutic clinics, and educational programs led by seasoned instructors. For nearly twenty years, our community has practiced together in the heart of Marin, and we invite you to join us.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is the safe, mindful application of yogic techniques for individuals facing health challenges. It’s an effective, integrative therapy for conditions ranging from chronic pain to anxiety. At The Yoga Garden, we offer small clinics and private sessions that teach simple but powerful movement, breathwork, visualization, and meditation tailored to the needs of each individual.


Inviting, nurturing and peaceful – definitely the best yoga studio in Marin and beyond. With its highly professional instructors, the Yoga Garden classes are a rewarding experience in a delightful environment and welcome all experience levels.

Mai Billaud

I appreciate your space, your talent and commitment. This is a garden.

Karen Stem

It is very sweet, beautiful ! There is something very calming ,very peaceful, very special about The Yoga Garden. I just love walking through the door!

Sharon Akka

The Yoga Garden is my favorite studio of all the ones I have been to. I keep coming back!

Peter Warren

Yoga for the right reasons.


It is all about the The Yoga Garden’s teachers. They’re really great!

A Yoga Garden Student

The Yoga Garden affords you individualized work in a group, hard to do!

Gail Towler

I love this place. They have a lot of teachers to choose from and each one is unique to the yoga they teach. The studio is relaxing to be in. I feel so good after class.

A Yoga Garden Student

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The Yoga Garden
412 Redhill Avenue #12
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