Welcome to The Yoga Garden

A sanctuary to nourish body, mind, heart, and soul.

The Yoga Garden is a yoga studio located in San Anselmo, California. We invite you to share our peaceful studio, take refuge from the demands of daily life, and focus on what has true and lasting value: health and inner peace. Each class is an opportunity to gather your energy and nourish your body, mind, and heart.

Upcoming Yoga Classes

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Rejuvenating Hatha Flow

Tinille Crichfield
Thursday’s 11:45 – 1pm
A mid-day class that will revive and invigorate your mind and body.  Designed to bring balance between work, play, stillness and movement. A
ll levels welcome. 

Yoga Garden Living Yoga Teacher Training course

Living Yoga Teacher Training

Janice Gates
October – January 2017
200-hr Yoga Alliance Accredited Training at The Yoga Garden. Learn to teach yoga mindfully, effectively and bring spiritual depth to your own practice and teaching.

Living Yoga In-depth Study Program

Janice Gates
October – December 2016
Deepen your practice of yoga for your own personal practice and enrichment in our in-depth yoga study program. 

Th Yoga Garden San anselmo studio Restorative yoga class

Restorative Yoga

Lori Tompkins
Friday’s 4:30 – 5:30pm
Restorative Yoga is soothing, healing,  and stimulates the body’s relaxation response thus combatting stress and stress-related conditions.

Yoga Wellness

The Yoga Garden is a boutique studio that specializes in yoga wellness for every day health and happiness. We offer small classes, therapeutic clinics, and educational programs led by seasoned instructors. For nearly twenty years, our community has practiced together in the heart of Marin, and we invite you to join us.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is the safe, mindful application of yogic techniques for individuals facing health challenges. It’s an effective, integrative therapy for conditions ranging from chronic pain to anxiety. At The Yoga Garden, we offer small clinics and private sessions that teach simple but powerful movement, breathwork, visualization, and meditation tailored to the needs of each individual.


It is very sweet, beautiful ! There is something very calming ,very peaceful, very special about The Yoga Garden. I just love walking through the door!

Sharon Akka

The Yoga Garden is my favorite studio of all the ones I have been to. I keep coming back!

Peter Warren

Yoga for the right reasons.


It is all about the The Yoga Garden's teachers. They're really great!

A Yoga Garden Student

The Yoga Garden affords you individualized work in a group, hard to do!

Gail Towler

I love this place. They have a lot of teachers to choose from and each one is unique to the yoga they teach. The studio is relaxing to be in. I feel so good after class.

A Yoga Garden Student

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